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The DXA Group team has considerable experience supporting young businesses in creating a sound financial foundation for future growth.

Get the team you need to make your business launch a success

The DXA Group team has extensive expertise aiding young businesses during this formative time by assisting them in establishing a strong financial basis for future development. Working directly with you to give an in-depth analysis of the market and to assist you in making educated decisions on the best sustainable course of action.

To get a complete grasp of your market, DXA Group researches industry trends, your rivals’ strengths and weaknesses, and your prospects’ pain points and expectations. A sound and effective business plan are critical for new business success.

We offer a large network of lawyers, marketing specialists, and strategy consultants that can assist you in mitigating risk and increasing the potential for your business. And the DXA Group will assist you at every stage of your business endeavor.

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How we can help

Your long term partner

Geopolitical, economic and environmental uncertainties abound. We can help you address competing issues, and evaluate the impact of large shifts so you can plan for the future. And we bring a team of specialists together from across PwC to help establish a thorough, integrated strategy and direction.

We’ll collaborate with you over the long term to create resilience, driving your business, and the aerospace, defence and security industry, forward.

The House passed a bill extending the deadline for small businesses to apply for PPP loans.
Starting Wednesday, the SBA will accept PPP-loan applications from businesses with less than 20 employees.
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