Virtual, scalable, integrated

Accounting on your terms

From Full Function Outsourcing to Ad-Hoc assistance

Our vision for DXA Group is to be your trusted and relevant accounting firm – one that attracts the best talent and leverages the most innovative technologies to assist your business in building trust with you and your stakeholders.

We accomplish this by serving as your virtual accounting firm, leveraging knowledge from several Fortune 1000 organizations and seasoned professionals from large accounting firms.

Our mission is to assist small businesses and startups in excelling in their business ventures by providing the same level of quality service that you would expect from a major consulting firm reserved for enterprise.

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Pay only for what you need when you need it

Pay only for what you need when you need it. Our staff scales vertically and horizontally in accordance with your requirements. We make it our mission to provide you with the knowledge and expertise your business requires in order to ensure you have the information necessary to make sound business decisions.

Our Approach

We onboard new clients using an organized, three-phase approach.



Confirming the project's charter and schedule, outlining your company's objectives, and identifying any barriers.



Fact-finding and assessment which can include a combination of analysis.



Design and develop the plans, and gain executive approval.

Our Services

Our integrative approach helps you make significant improvements in operational efficiency, lower vendor costs, improve reporting accuracy and develop key insights into your business.

Why Choose Us

We provide the services you need when you need them – nothing more, nothing less.

Get your books in order & get the help you need to get more.

Our virtual model delivers service to you remotely using the latest technology – and when you need us on-site we will be there.