Accounting for the Manufacturing Industry

Accounting for the Manufacturing Industry

DXA Group’s Manufacturing team focuses on a variety of industries, including Pharma, Medical Device, Food & Beverage, Manufacturer of Industrial Machinery, Artificial Intelligence, and more. Emerging markets, simplified business models, low-risk cost structures, supply chain disruptions, workforce shortages, and product innovation are just some of the problems confronting today’s manufacturers.

By utilizing intelligent automation and powerful data analytics to connect back offices, shop floors, and supply chains, we assist industrial businesses in understanding and transforming customer-facing operations and operating models.

We help companies generate value by enhancing the customer experience and providing growth, cash flow, and consistency. Our manufacturing-focused corporate accountants and chief financial officers put their considerable knowledge to work for our clients. We assist clients in making more informed decisions now in order to have the greatest impact tomorrow.

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How we can help

Full Function Outsourcing

Fully outsourced corporate accounting and finance services for your business. Focus on your business as you leverage our experience and capability for your industry. We deploy teams of industry-leading experts to help you achieve your goals.

We utilize tech solutions and best practices that put your  protection first. The DXA Group is entirely location independent, we have been serving clients remotely since 2011. You will leverage a full suite of accounting and financial services with high-level capability across remote teams, regardless of location.

The House passed a bill extending the deadline for small businesses to apply for PPP loans.
Starting Wednesday, the SBA will accept PPP-loan applications from businesses with less than 20 employees.
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