Maintain financial records that fit the fast-paced AI sector.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to provide enormous economic and social advantages for companies, governments, and people on a global scale.

AI is already transforming everything, from automation to augmentation and beyond. $15.7 trillion—according to KPMG, this is the amount of global economic growth that AI will generate by 2030. Who will get the largest share of this prize? Those who seize the initiative today.

With AI pilots and projects active throughout the globe and new use cases being added constantly, DXA Group is a market leader in assisting customers in securely and strategically navigating the new world of AI.

Society gets increasingly digitalized and technologically sophisticated as a result of advancements in the Artificial Intelligence sector. The transformative, fast-paced, and highly skilled nature of the artificial intelligence sector requires an accounting strategy that is cognizant of vulnerabilities and financial opportunities.

DXA leverages knowledge from several Fortune 1000 organizations and seasoned professionals from large accounting firms to assist AI startups and businesses. Providing expert GAAP accounting services, resulting in quantifiable results that maximize revenue potential, build a solid financial foundation, and anticipate future growth potential. Accountants at DXA Group have the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary for sound financial practices in the AI sector.

The DXA Group team is ready to assist you in your Artificial Intelligence venture, helping you maximize profit, seize opportunities, and mitigate financial risk.